A blog for Staff Education and Training
Each educator will have the opportunity to sign up for classes each month where they will provide instruction to participants on various medical topics. The calendar will run from Sep 1, 2010-Sep 1, 2011.

Classes that will be taught:
Basic Life Support
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Trauma Nurse Care Corps (TNCC)
Combat Casualty Training (C-4)
Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS )Training

Points of Interest
Top 10 Joint Commission for Health Accreditation safety tips

Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s)
Once a month a guest speaker will provide a lecture in which each participant will receive continuous credits (CEU’s) that may be applied toward their individual state licensing requirements

Fun Times: Jeopardy games
Games will include jeopardy training sessions from each area of the hospital. Participants will compete within departments while educating the hospital staff on terminology, patient safety and various topics specific to each area

A comment section is provided below. Please include all suggestions for location of classroom training, content, and most convenient times to receive instructional training. Everyone is encouraged to provide comment, physicians, nurses civilian and military and Hospital Corpsman.

EDC586 Deliverable#3 Session 9 Dana Dones

I would like to implement a Wiki Space, which will fall under the Staff Education and Training Dept at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Virginia. An approved link to the wiki space will fall under the home page of the hospitals webpage upon approval from the Commanding Officer and the IMIT Director.

The description of the technology for the Wiki Space will be “Mentoring US Navy Nurses”. The Goal of this wiki page is to help foster communication and professional development of junior nurses by senior nurses. This mentoring will help increase retention in the US Navy Nurse Corps and slow down discharges (departure from active duty service) of nurses.

The type of services I would like to create would be a page that will set up junior nurses with senior nurses. The goal is for the senior nurses to share some of the programs they have benefitted from in the Navy. Allow photos and stories to be shared with the junior nurses, and encourage the junior nurses to share what type of programs or services they would like to see which may increase their retention.

Another type of service would be to assign a list of senior Nurses to a list of Junior Nurses for 6 months to1 year with required meeting times at least once per month.

Evidence that this type of technology will be useful in my hospital is noted throughout the Navy Times which states retention of nurses is low. During the last few years the Navy Nurse Corps has been loosing qualified nurses. Navy Times March 22, 2010 states that currently the Navy Nurse Corps is only 92% manned. There are several reasons for their departure, but perhaps if there was a go between on behalf of the junior nurses, which would include the senior nurses, the detailers (persons who assign staff to duty stations around the world), and the Director of Nursing Services then maybe retention could take place.

Please see the following journal links, which focuses on the issues of recruitment, training, and retention of experiences nursing staff and how it remains an ongoing business strategy.


The second link would be http://julielindsay.wikispaces.com/k12online2006
This website focuses on professional educators needs with online spaces for portfolio development and fostering interaction and collaboration.

Although Julie Lindsey focus covers K12 the theme and concept are relative to Nursing Professions and a site could be developed but the content area would focus on nurses.

The third link or website focuses on mentoring techniques that the Senior Nurses can use.

Some of the roadblocks that I may face are past failure of this program. This program was in place a few years ago and faded away. There was not a Wiki page created it was a lot of paperwork with very little face-to-face time. However, with a technological aspect such as the creation of a wiki space the incorporation of uploading photos and personal stories of the participants may help retain some of the nurses.

The down side is getting approval from the Commanding Officer and buy in from the IMIT department to allow this link to be added to the web page for the hospital. Furthermore getting the Senior Nurses to take the time to actually share their experiences and spend quality time with the junior nurses.

An up side would be because I will be part of the education and training dept at the next hospital I am stationed I will already have and inside look at how to market this. The overall goal is to retain the nurses and try to assure them of a quality of life in the military. Utilizing the tools and technologies I acquired in EDC586 is a valuable asset.