This is a wiki. A website that gives multiple people the ability to edit the same page. Its goal is to harness the 'Collective Intelligence' of a group, so that 'all' may benefit from each contributor's knowledge. For example, you will be placing your Final Project below. Future participants of this course will visit and add their knowledge to your Unit, so that it will perpetually evolve and improve. (This is optional if you don't feel comfortable with this.)

Please click on your name below. It will take you to your own page. Sign up for a free account and then 'paste' your Final Project on that page. It is as easy as clicking on the 'edit this page' button then pasting in your project. Once that's done click the 'save' button on the 'Editor' toolbar and you are finished. This is one small example of the fascinating projects and resources we work on, and practice with, in EDC921.

Andrade, Mary
Bagadisian, Martha
Bessacini, Rosanne
Branchaud, Chuck
Brew, William
Brousseau, Cathy

Buckley, Kathleen

Cadman, Laurie
Charest, Elizabeth
Chen, Hai-Hon
Clark, Nancy

Colonnese, Patricia
Cooney, Shannon
Corr, Peter
Craycraft, Jean
Creamer, David

DeCelles, Daniel
Dudley, John
**Festa, Karen**
Flaherty, Vicky
Galla, Jessica
Girard, Mike
Gordon, Rebecca
Green, Derri
Grennan, Holly
Houle, Susan
Hurley, Sara
Hurt, Pamela
Johnson, Becky
Izzo, Karen
Kane, Kim
Kelly-DePerry, Susan
Kennefick, Stacy
Klein, Kendra

Leal, Hermes

Lendrum, Kevin
Loomis, Chace
Macmaster, Todd
Malian, George
Mancini, Andrea
Marcellino, Deborah
Martin, Christine
McAuliffe Santanna, Tara
Mcallister, Rebekah
McQueeny, Lindsay
Moody, Lynn

Nazareth, Staci

O'Brien, John

Ortiz-Cruz, Maria
Osberg, Susan

Paolini, Nick

Patalano, Laurie
Peixoto, Maria
**Pellegrino, Stephanie**
Pierce, Christine
Pierce, Rebecca
Pistachio, Doreen
Riley, Joanne

Risley, Patricia
Roberts, Susan
Russo, William
Schloyer, Kalen
Sitler, Bridget Skiffington, Suzanne
Stoddard, Claudia
Strachan, Brooke

Swist, Keith

Taft, Monica
Tiberi, Erin
Treat, Jane
Urena, Leonarda
Walsh, Alyssa
Weinberg, Tamara
Wilson, Jane
Yip, Frank