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Water Study - FOSS 3rd Grade Science Unit

ESS1 (Earth & Space Science, Statement of Enduring Knowledge 1) - The earth and earth materials as we know them today have developed over long periods of time, through continual change processes.

PS 2 (Physical Science, Statement of Enduring Knowledge 2) Energy is necessary for change to occur in matter. Energy can be stored, transferred and transformed, but cannot be destroyed.

Students demonstrate an understanding of processes and change over time within earth systems by…
GSE 5a Observing, recording, comparing, and analyzing weather data to describe weather changes or weather patterns
GSE 5b Describing water as it changes to vapor in the air and reappears as a liquid when it is cooled.
GSE 5c Explaining how this cycle of water relates to weather and the formation of clouds.

Interactive Links correlating to above EK's and GSE's

Water Cycle Movie - From the US EPA, an animation in 6 scenes for students to learn about the Water Cycle and how the Earth's
water cycle is affected by climate change (Macromedia Flash version 5.0 or higher required for viewing)

Water Cycle Flash Animation - From Sweetwater Authority which provides safe, reliable water serviceto approximately 180,000 people in National City, Bonita and the western and central portions of Chula Vista, California. This is a great animation with a built-in quiz for your elementary students.

A catchy tune to help you and your students remember the water cycle :)

Weather and the Water Cycle

Water Cycle Mysteries - A brainpop flash animation showing how water cycles from land to air and back again.

Lil' Drippy the Raindrop Boy - The water cycle, a magical look at water that moves in a cycle. No audio on this site, but, good information about the various stages of the water cycle.

Water Droplet and the Water Cycle - A site from the UK that features an interactive look at the water cycle as well as environmental issues that effect the water cycle. This site does have audio. - This site includes a lesson about the water cycle and its global impact.

Three States of Matter

- Solid
- Liquid
- Gas

Water can exist in all three states of matter naturally on Earth.
Solid - Ice (Freezes at 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit)
Liquid - Water
Gas - Water Vapor (Forms when water boils at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit)

States of matter are also known as phases. Matter move from one state to another by some physical means. Energy can be added (like increasing temperature or increasing pressure) or energy taken away (decreasingtemperature or decreasing pressure) to change matter from one state to another. Matter can move from one state, or phase but still remains the same matter.

Water Cycle Games

Droplet and the Water Cycle

Water Goes Around

Earth Materials - a 3rd grade FOSS unit (4th Grade unit in PVD)