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This site contains classroom projects for all major subject areas (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science) that integrate technology and connect to the standards you will be teaching month by month (based on district planning)! Projects will range from safe and productive online games that you can use in independant centers, to one shot whole class computer lab activities: from multimedia teacher presentations to longer cross-curricular projects that encorporate 21st Century skills. Please share with others and feel free to post your own ideas.


Five Top Tech Tips for Teachers
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Hopefully this space will be used enough that bugs are bygones, but links may go dead, sites may vanish as always is true with the internet. Before you set your students loose or drag them across campus to the lab, click on all the links to make sure they are still active and always have a back up plan:) Also if you are adding to this site (which I hope you do) please only list games that don't have commercials on the independent online games list. If it has clickable distractions, list it in the whole class area. Thanks!

Mc-Graw Hill

I try to include only the best of the best and while the McGraw-Hill Games don't always fall into that category (watch for ones I've marked ADV=advanced for your "need to be challenged students"), they are at least consistent and for young students that's important. Less time is spent learning to play the game and more time is spent on learning.

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