Fifth and Sixth Grade:

Prefixes Make New Words - drag prefixes to complete sentences correctly
Space Station - [this link opens in a new window] Divide words in blue into syllables and type the words into the box with a '-' between the syllables. [example: fi-nal]
Putting Down Roots - drag roots into blanks to complete sentences

Seventh and Eighth Grade:

Context is the Key - students use context clues to determine the meaning of a word
Using Multiple Meanings - students decide which sentences use a word correctly
The Thesaurus - a reference book that lists words and their synonyms - Drag and drop the words to the right thesaurus entry.
This game helps you to learn to spell different words, from three letters to seven letters. There are seven letters total given on the seven chickens. By rearranging these letters, you earn points and add words to your chicken coop.
Daily Grammar Lessons - This site provides an exhaustive collection of daily gammar lessons that can be emailed to you
NonFiction Literature circles - Using a variety of non-fiction texts at various reading levels students practiced a several comprehension strategies . Students had a choice of books from ee cummings to My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen. They worked in small groups or individually. Progress was monitored through a daily comprehension job.
Middle School Grammar Resources


Poetic Devices - Understanding poetic devices will help students understand the power of poetry when reading them as well as when writing their own poems.
Reverse Poetry

Not fully interactive but a must to satisfy GLEs for reading in Grade 5-8: Suggested Informational and literary texts for Instruction and assessment, the American LIbrary Associations picks for best free reference sources: